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Rundown is back

Rundown is back again and for the 26th year.  Rundown Artistic Director Dr. Henry Muttoo said Cayman can expect a return on Rundown’s original creator, Dave Martin.

Dr. Muttoo said the show, scheduled to run for 10 nights, represents the Cayman society as it grows and is the opportunity for Cayman to sit back and laugh at ourselves.  He said he is extremely excited to be bringing back Dave Martins.
“Dave Martins, who created the show, originally, he wrote the first script in 1991 and brought it when he as chairman of the foundation and we produced the first one in 1992 and Dave is returning to do a special guest in rundown and that’s really exciting for us,” said Dr. Muttoo.

Dr. Muttoo says as in Rundown tradition, the cast will take a trip to perform one show in the Brac. The cast this year will include, Matt Brown, Troy Rodgers, Leroy Holiness, Leslie Ann Bernard and many more familiar faces.

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