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Traffic Stats for 2017: Serious injuries up just over 60%

While overall traffic statistics were down in 2017, but the RCIPS says serious injuries were up just over 60 percent.

Those were some of the figures shared on the RCIPS crime and traffic statistics report released on Friday (20 April.) Cayman 27 Jevaughnie Ebanks his break down of the numbers in this report.

Road safety was a big issue for the RCIPS in 2017 so much so it prompted the launch of the “Share the Road” campaign in July.

“We are certainly looking at the traffic department in terms or enhancing the capacity we have in there we have started that already so there is a need we have defiantly a need to inject more staff inside the traffic department,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Kurt Walton.

Traffic stats released by the RCIPS shows there was the reason for concern, while the overall traffic offences in 2017 dropped by over 30% the RCIPS says serious injuries from collisions increased.

According the RCIPS 2017 crime and traffic statistics, serious injuries rose 61 % in 2017 over 2016. rising from 16 incidents to 30.

However fatal injuries decreased by over 80% with 2017 recording 3 over 2016’s 7 deaths.

Overall traffic offences declined 34 % dropping from almost 7,000 incidents in 2016 to almost 5,000 at the end of 2017.

Traffic collisions almost doubled in 2017 with the RCIPS recording 2,725 collisions in 2016 just under 1,300 were recorded.

When it came to speeding those numbers were flipped as the RCIPS says that traffic offence dropped by more than half last year with 647 drivers being ticketed in 2017 versus 1700 in 2016.

Drivers using mobile phones and driving also dropped. 2017 recording just under 600 whilst 2016 recorded over 750.

Finally, when it came to driving without insurance, the figures rose by 19 incidents in 2016 with police recording 185 cases last year compared to 166 in 2016.

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