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Bilika Simamba challenges Chief Justice and Justice Mangatal

Former Legal Draftsman Bilika Simamba makes good on his promise to challenge Justice Ingrid Mangatal and Chief Justice Anthony Smellie.

He said his human rights have been abused and has now filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission against the Chief Justice and Justice Mangatal.

Mr. Simamba said back in 2015, he sued the HSA for malpractice but since then there’s been no resolution and he blames the judge in his case.

“I am hoping that the Humans Rights Commission can make a finding that there has been a violation of my rights and recommend that my case be heard as soon as possible. I am hoping that the Judicial and Legal Complaints Commission would find that both the judge and the Chief Justice have not done their jobs properly and that they should facilitate my hearing even before the Court of Appeals decision,” said Mr. Simamba.

We reached out to the court administrators for a comment, but up to news time we had no response.

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