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Chicken farm must submit wastewater plan before building permit approval

The developer behind a proposed 2-acre chicken farm in East End will have to submit more detail about its wastewater management plan before a building permit can be approved.

Water Authority Cayman says it must ensure concerns are met before it gives the OK.

Ten thousand chickens could soon call a piece of East End home, as the Central Planning Authority gives conditional approval to an application from Toepaz Chicken Farm.

The plan calls for two large chicken houses, an office building, an egg processing building, a litter composter, and a water tower.

According to documents relating to the central planning authority’s April 4th meeting, there were no objections to the Toepaz Chicken Farm, but the Department of Environment and the Water Authority both expressed concerns relating to the proximity of the proposed farm, located on a mostly agricultural stretch of farm road deep in the interior of East End, to Grand Cayman’s largest freshwater lens.

Among these concerns: the source of water for the farm, and the potential for groundwater contamination.

To combat this, the Water Authority said in its supplemental analysis that if CPA permission was granted the developer will need to submit detailed waste management proposals for its approval. If the proposed development secures a building permit, the Water Authority said the applicant will be required to also apply for a discharge permit, which will also include specific conditions and monitoring.

For World Water Day 2018 in March, water resource technologist Yasmin James stressed the importance of Cayman’s fresh water lenses.

“Water is important and essential thing that we need for our lives, and if we don’t take responsibility for it and if we don’t try to manage it to make sure that we have it for future generations or anything, then I think that we are kind of salt, because then we will have absolutely no water for future generations,” said Ms. James in a March interview with Cayman 27.

The DOE shared the Water Authority’s concerns of the proximity of the farm to the fresh water lens, and added concerns about the possibility for chickens to escape the facility in a storm and add to the feral population.

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Joe Avary

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