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Local chefs aim to empower women

Three local female chefs are joining forces to empower women in and out the food industry. They say they want to motivate aspiring female chefs in Cayman, and they’re working together to present a female-centered food event called Women in White.

Cayman’s first all-female chef event, Women in White is taking shape. The three Caymanian female chefs behind it say it is about inspiring women in the community.

Chef and owner of TIA’s Table, Timisha Edwards, is one of the driving forces for Women in White. She says they want to pay it forward by giving out an all-female culinary scholarship from the proceeds from the event.

“I think I would have to say that it would be the helping hand that was extended to us, whether it was family or individuals in the community that helped us,” said Ms. Edwards on what inspired them to create the scholarship.

Ms. Edwards said she wants people to take away how much talent Cayman has when it comes to female chefs.

“Cayman has amazing female talent in the culinary industry and we just want to show that to the community,” said Ms. Edwards.

Chef and owner of Taste This Life, Jessica Moore, said it is important for females chefs to get the recognition they deserve and build on the obstacles they had to overcome.

“Women in general, we do have to work ten times harder just to be recognized half as much, I think given the event and given the platform that we are trying to put out there to raise upcoming female chefs,” said Ms. Moore.

She said it takes someone to take initiative to highlight the issue and make a difference.

“The three of us, we’ve been in it, we’ve experienced it, so who better than us to actually give other people a helping hand that they need so that they don’t have to go through the struggle and go through the things that we did,” said Ms. Moore.

Chef and owner of “Scratch” Gourmet Desserts, Brittanni Seymour, had some words of wisdom for aspiring female chefs.

“My real piece of advice is that you get out there and get as much information, as much experience as you can before making your choice, then that’s how you’ll know,” said Ms. Seymour.

The Women in White event takes place on June 2nd in Savannah. For more information and ticket purchases you can visit

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