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Armed police take possession of Raul Martinez’s home

Former firefighter Raul Martinez makes his last stand, more than a month after a judge ruled against him in his foreclosure case.

Last week Friday (15 June) he staved off eviction by barricading himself inside the home.

Thursday morning (21 June), Cayman 27 cameras were rolling when armed police arrived to finally take possession.

Raul Martinez is no longer in his home, as of Thursday morning. Wednesday (20 June), he was served a writ of possession, it commanded court officers to enter and take possession of the premises.

Cayman 27 spoke with Mr. Martinez Thursday morning about the situation, minutes before police arrived, and he hinted that he may have a surprise in store.

When armed police arrived minutes later to execute the writ, Mr. Martinez pulled off  his Houdini act.

Minutes before armed police descended on block 32C, parcel 160 to execute the writ of possession, an emotional Raul Martinez shared a letter he says was written by his 8-year old daughter.

“She said that this house will always be our home no matter what,” he said, fending off tears. “We’re going to see today whether they going to take me out by force, or what they’re going to do, how far the extent they will go to take the man out of his home.”

Last week, Mr. Martinez barricaded himself inside the home and blocked vehicular access to the property with vegetation, staving off eviction for one more weekend.

But Wednesday he was served a reissued writ.

“I asked [the bailiff] yesterday when he delivered the paper how they’re going to get me out of here and then he said he will see, so we will see you today if it comes about, you know,” said Mr. Martinez. “They could come around that corner any minute now, they could come drive down my road there.”

Minutes after this conversation, armed RCIPS officers arrive, along with a court representative and a locksmith.

Armed police surrounded the lower valley home, before gaining entry to the premises.

Mr. Martinez’s mother, Andrea Martinez-Calderon who is also listed as a co-owner of the property, peppered police with questions as she followed them inside.

“When you find my son don’t put one hand on the hair on he head, why are you coming with guns for then?  Why you never come with club, or rope, tie him up, cause you come to kill,” she told officers while they cleared the home.

In the end, the situation ended peacefully.

Officers took possession of the home. Mr. Martinez, however, was nowhere to be seen, apparently slipping out through the back door.

“It’s not like I was hiding from the bank, it’s not like I didn’t want to pay the bank, I just had some mishap, some fall behinds, some bad luck, and then I was – now I’m back on my feet, you imagine? I’m back on my feet now and they’re kicking me out to the street, I have nowhere to go literally.”

It’s important to note that Mr. Martinez is not wanted by police… And

In the minutes before they arrived to take possession of the home, Mr. Martinez had plenty to say.


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Joe Avary

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