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Bermuda MP says unity is needed to fight the UK

When it comes to seeking changes on areas where British Overseas Territories (BOT) and Great Britain disagree like public beneficial ownership registries, Bermuda MP Thomas Famous said there should be unity.

“As British Overseas Territories we must speak with one voice, we must act not willy-nilly you doing one thing we doing something else we must act in one single action,” said Mr. Famous.

Mr. Famous said such unity shows strength and as a region that’s something we may sometimes forget we possess.

“On a continuous basis we have the capacity to do everything together feed our selves educate our selves we are already educating ourselves through the university of west indies and other universities,” said Mr. Famous

George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan agrees. He said constitutional change, spurred on by the UK’s Beneficial Ownership registry push should not be seen as silver bullet.

“It would be silly for us to assume that they are going to allow any kind of constitutional change at this point to stop something we just agreed on doing so I don’t think there is a high level of success in having anything that will stop that,” said Mr. Bryan.

Mr. Byran says with the constitution changes Cayman should be planning for both the positives and negatives of whatever is decided.

“Having a prediction on what doors negative effects will be can we quantity them can we say without using figure 5% loss in services or something of that sort and what are we doing in the interim to prepare for that loss to make it up,” said Mr. Bryan.

Mr. Famous and other regional leaders are in Cayman the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Forum at the Marriott hotel.

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