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Legislature considers law to empower RCIPS to crackdown on dirt bikes and ATV

An amendment to allow for police to crack down on motorcycles, mopeds, ATVs, and dirt bikes is now before legislators for approval. The proposed amendment will allow the police to ticket ATVS and dirt bikes that are driven on roads, if it passes. Currently, the legislation has only reached the committee stage. But President of the Cayman Island Motorcycle Association Keith Kellar says he’s in favor of the amendment because of the safety issues involved.  “Dirt bike riders on the road have been doing wheelies and stunts on the road in traffic. And careless driving has been a problem. So that is why this law is in place. Because the police have been able to get the bikes, but not hold them,” said Mr. Keller.

Creative Arts, which sells dirt bikes is also in favor of the legislation. “The roads are not a race track. And that’s why we have the breaker’s speedway,” said Creative Arts Managing Director Wayne Kirkconnell.

He said many of those who are driving the bikes illegally, are underage. “I don’t believe the roads should be used for fun for underage drivers. It needs to be in a controlled environment,” said Mr. Kirkconnell.

Often those who ride dirt bikes on the roads, are not wearing the proper safety gear. “We see kids riding without helmets. It’s an issue. You get into a small accident. A slight bash on the head becomes critical,” said Mr. Kirkconnell.

He said transforming a dirt bike into a street legal bike is actually not that difficult of a process. “To have a street legal motorcycle, you need a headlight, you need indicators, You need a horn and a brake light. That is as simple as it is for a street-legal machine,” said Mr. Kirkconnell.

Mr. Kirkconnell added it only takes a few hundred bucks to make the alterations.  But that the features will increase the safety of the bike, as well as, safety on the roads which he believes is the primary goal of the new amendment as well.

The amendment is expected to be discussed in the committee stage on Tuesday when the Legislative Assembly reconvenes after the Constitution Day holiday.

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