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Olive Miller display open at GT Library

She’s one of Cayman’s most lauded women and now a museum exhibition celebrates her life and her achievements. Miss Olive Miller is considered a Caymanian pioneer in many ways.

Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks recently sat down with her for an exclusive interview.

To learn more about the accolades honouring Miss Olive Miller, one needs to look no further than the George Town Library’s newest display.

“Well I had all these awards in my house I had them displayed on the table and I don’t know why but one day I wondered what on earth I was going to do with all of them,” said Ms. Miller.

Miss Miller said that whilst the awards may bear her name, they really belong to the community that supports her and her Lord and Saviour.

“I believe that I was sent here by God. I’m here by divine intent and nothing I ever did had anything to do with me, it was all God’s doing and each thing I’ve done has led to the next thing,” said Ms. Miller

The National Museum’s Debra Barnes-Tebora curated the collection at the library. She said the display is important to learn about Cayman’s icons.

“Her commitment to the Cayman Islands has been first and foremost in her mind and all of her actions,” said Ms. Miller.

Miss Miller said she appreciates all the honours and outpouring of love even if she doesn’t remember each and every one.

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