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100 civil servants enroute to accreditation in government pilot programme

100 civil servants are on their way to internationally recognised accreditation in business case development and project management.

It’s part of a new pilot programme from government’s Strategic Reforms Implementation Unit.

“There is a move to re-imagine the civil service, and for the civil service to become world-class, and to do that we need to expose him to world-class education, world-class training,” said James Myles of the Youth Services Unit.

He told Cayman 27 it has been a blessing for those working in the trenches, as it addresses a very real need.

“This pilot will set the tone for future empowerment of civil servants, where everybody can expect more of the government and the government can deliver more because they are prepared,” said Mr. Myles.

“Do we have enough project managers training? Absolutely not,” said RCIPS Strategy Officer Odeale Mulgrave

Mr. Mulgrave is one of 14 police participating in the training and development sessions.

“It is revealing that some of the things that we have been doing are really projects, but we have not been following principled processes, so those things coming out of the training so far are very helpful, and can translate real-time in what we are doing,” said Mr. Mulgrave.

60 of the participants are pursuing certification in project management, and 40 are pursuing certification in business case development.

CIG Intern Japhia Augustine is enthusiastic for the opportunity to bolster her skill set.

“If project management is relevant right now, of course I’m going to learn about it because that adds to my person, to my skills, to what I can offer to the civil service and to the departments,” said Ms. Augustine.

The entire programme comes at a cost of under $60,000, that translates into a per-participant cost of less than $600.

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Joe Avary

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