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Artist appeals for funds

Filmmaker Badir Awe is calling on all members of the public who love independent film to come out and support Luna’s Ring.

He says he needs the help to underwrite the cost of production. Mr. Awe says the crew spent seven days shooting the movie in Cuba in March, but have been working on the production for the past two years. He said the associated cost of making the film is more than what they could afford.

“It costs a lot of money to make this film and because there is no real way to recoup the money, we are asking the public for some assistance and we are crowdfunding for the project for those who want to support independent filmmaking,” said Mr. Awe.

Mr. Awe is attempting to raise the money through crowd-funding and has asked would be contributors to go to the film’s Indiegogo page for more info.

The link is:


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