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Call for more input in green iguana culling efforts

It should come to no surprise to anyone that the green iguana is causing serious economic and environmental damage to Cayman. The invasive species numbers are climbing up and the Department Of Environment (DOE) is calling for the help of the community.

DOE has issued a request for information for the marketplace in order to assist in the determination of local capacity to deliver green iguana culling services. DOE deputy director Tim Austin said the number of iguanas needed to be culled per year in Cayman is daunting.

“When you start in the beginning two thousand iguanas is relatively easy to get, but as the numbers drop down are people become tired are people loose steam then the numbers would fall off but the  treacle limit would be two thousand iguanas a day for the next year, bearing in mind that weekends are off and you basically only work five days a week,” Mr. Austin said.

For more information please visit the DOE culling // or call +1 345-949-8469

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