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CayFilm festival draws crowd

The 2018 edition of CayFilm attracted around 300 plus people last week at the Ritz-Carlton ballroom, even though the event was on a smaller scale this year. Five local films were featured at the event, they consisted of documentaries and movies teases.  Among them was a documentary called Re-birth.

Caymanian Steff McDermot was featured in the film. She said she hopes to inspire others in the community when they see her work. “As I am a young Caymanian I would like to inspire my peers to get up and do something themselves and to help, and contributed to society and I feel like having this film showcase such an awesome event, Cayfilm its four hundred people in there it’s gonna spark that discussion,” Ms. McDermot said.

CayFilm said it will be back next year with more offerings.

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