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DEH offers public collection tips

Most people give very little thought to what they throw out in the garbage. However, DEH Public Relations officer Stacy-Ann Anderson is asking that you do.

The DEH’s has launched a public education campaign, which is aimed at teaching it to help collectors so that their service is more efficient.

“There have been incidents where some of our collectors have been cut by broken glass, have been cut by syringes,” she said.

Over the last month and a half, the public has had its say on the lack of garbage collection and now, the collectors are passing out the grades.

“They would complain about garbage not being properly bagged,” said Ms. Anderson. “Things like garbage loose and blowing throughout the community. Garbage not being placed in enclosures.”

She explained every delay on route keeps them from getting around to assigned tasks and if garbage was not properly packaged then collectors had difficulty staying on schedule.

She has asked that members of the public provide collectors with bins that have hinged covers to ensure that they aren’t lost when collectors remove garbage. The DEH has also asked that the bins are placed in enclosures to prevent animal access.

Ms. Anderson has requested that the public not use individual shopping bags for collection as well.

This, she said, made it easier for the collector to lift and prevent spillage.

Garbage should also be left at an easily reachable point on the property, such as on the front or side, said Ms. Anderson.

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Natalie Briggs

Natalie Briggs

Natalie Briggs has worked in television, radio and print since 2002, including stints at Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT/CNMG), Radio 97, The Trinidad Guardian and Newsday. She has an MA in Media, Communications and Public Relations.

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