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DOA explains why gamecocks need to be euthanised

Police and the Department of Agriculture have seized several roosters suspected of being raised for cockfighting. While their owners end up in jail, the chickens themselves are put down and DOA veterinary officer Dr. Kanyuira Gikonyo said the birds carry diseases relating to cock-fighting and they’re not suitable to be around other animals.

“They actually tend to spread diseases and they’re specific diseases that you can look at locally that tend to affect the respiratory system which is quite common. So no person who keeps a commercial bird would want to bring this type of animal into their coop because what you are asking for is basically for the other animals to get sick and die,” Dr. Gikonyo said.

He describes the process as the birds being put down humanely.

“Basically, the technic that we use here, is to give them an overdose of a particular medication that basically humanly and quietly puts them to sleep.”

We asked the Department of Agriculture (DOA) for the specific number of chickens put down over the last several months, The DOA did not respond.

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