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Police K9 unit getting new members for their team

As the RCIPS looks for a few good men and woman in its latest recruiting efforts, the police canine unit aims to enhance its team as well.

K9 unit officer Pc. Keiron Davies said the newest furry crime fighter will have a very specific role.

“The canine unit has three dogs at the moment. We have another dog which arrives on islands on the 31st of this month. That dog will be a passive drug dog. That dog is not trained to bite, that dog is trained to scan people like the ones at the airport. When that dog scans a person, if that person is carrying drugs the dog will indicate on that person and that person will be searched,” Pc. Davies said.

Not only a new dog but a few new human officers as well.

“There’s gonna be four members as of next week, two of them are Caymanian,” Pc. Davies said.

He said besides that, the other canines already in service are masters in all roles.

“All the dogs in the canine unit are trained to locate articles — whether that be drugs, firearms, one trains to find currency. And all the dogs can find articles with human scent, whether that be a wallet, a ring, keys, a knife or anything that’s recently been dropped,”  Pc. Davies said.

Once on the island, the new canine — named Inca — will go through the same type of rigorous training as her peers. All in the name of protecting and serving Cayman.

The new canine recruit, who has yet to set her feet on Cayman soil, was bought at around 3,700 British pounds and will be the only German Pointer bread on RCIPS team.

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