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Rainy weather causes delays

The rainy weekend weather carried into Monday (10 September) and it appears the rain isn’t easing up. Many members of the public were feeling the effects whether it’s from delays on the roads or flooding on their streets. Australian visitor John Scott said his Cayman vacation isn’t going as planned.

“I was expecting to come over here and be in the sunshine and it’s disappointing that it’s raining all the time and we’ve only been here three days,” said Mr. Scott.

With the rainy weather comes wet roads and one Bodden Town resident is pleading for drivers to be careful when out and about.

“For all the drivers out there, be careful and mindful cause the roads are wet and it’s very hard to see so let’s look out for one another,” said Daniel Milwood.

The seas were also choppy during the downpour and that caused the Cayman Jolly Roger pirate-ship to set adrift. Owner of the ship Dr. Roland Talanow said the bad weather most likely caused the vessel’s mooring to snap and it began drifting. While the rain caused some havoc long time Vigero nursery staff Michael Bryan welcomed the weather.

“The rain is a blessing, as you can see the plants look so nice and flourishing so we don’t even need to water them for the meantime, so it’s great, good and excellent,” said Mr. Bryan.


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Seaford Russell jr.

Seaford Russell jr.

Seaford Russell Jr. joined Cayman 27 in the spring of 2018. He started off as a part-time photographer but thanks to his hard-work, dedication and eye for photography, he was offered a full-time position as a reporter trainee. Seaford is committed to bringing the people of Cayman informative and balanced news about what’s happening in the community.

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