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Cayman community helps former prisoner turn life around

Many in our community have been rallying to give second chances to former prisoners.

On Tuesday (9 October) one Caymanian shared her inspirational transformation from drug addiction to proudly walking the straight and narrow path.

Ms. Sacha Miller has come a long way.

Twenty-four years ago, she was in trouble with the law, addicted to drugs.

She said she had struggled “trying to get clean, staying clean, but unfortunately, there were times when I got weak again.”

Now, she is proud to hold down a successful job and set an example to her family.

“I have to think about my kids,” she said, adding: “I have become a great motivation for them, I have to keep moving forward.”

She says she wants other women in trouble to know they are not alone.

“Try to reach out to that support network,” she advised. “Just keep believing in yourself … recovery is very precious.”

It was thanks to the help of Outreach Coordinators like Ms. Jean Solomon, that Sacha was able to turn her life around.

She praised Ms. Solomon as “wonderful… I don’t look at her as a friend, I look at her as a mother. She’s been a part of my life for 24 years, she’s never given up on me.”

Last Thursday (4 October), Ms. Solomon spoke proudly about the work she had done in placing people like Sacha in viable work placements.

“It’s something that I’m very passionate about, it’s something that is rewarding because I’ve seen success stories,” she said.

Sacha said support from the community and local businesses that have employed her have also kept her on track.

“Right now the job that I have, I love my boss now, she’s amazing, she’s another mother figure for me at my workplace,” Sacha enthused.

She said proudly: “It gave me the privilege to want to live again, I want back my life now.”

Her past not a barrier to her success, now she is an example to others.

And if you run a business and would like to help give people like Sacha a second chance, you can volunteer by emailing jean.solomon@gov.ky.

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