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Investigation triggered after dog allegedly struck, left for dead by school bus

The Department of Education Services is investigating after a video surfaces on social media purportedly showing a dog that was allegedly struck and injured by a school bus.

The whereabouts of the injured dog are still unknown.

Blink and you might miss it. A three-second video clip purportedly showing an injured dog in the aftermath of an accident with a Clifton Hunter High School bus has triggered an investigation.

A press release from the Education Ministry said the video was taken by a student on that bus, who posted the video to social media.

“What kind of example are we showing to our children when a bus, a school bus injures an animal and doesn’t stop to see if the animal could be helped?” said Humane Society Director Lesley Walker.

Ms. Walker said if the incident were reported immediately, the animal could have received prompt veterinary attention. Now, she says its whereabouts are unknown.

“If anyone knows of a local dog that is walking about, limping, or maybe lying and crying in pain somewhere, please please get in touch with us and we will help get that treatment for the dog,” said Ms. Walker.

Cell phones are banned from school, but given the nature and seriousness of the incident, Clifton Hunter Principal Pauline Beckford said the issue of cell phone possession would be treated sympathetically to enable a full investigation. Information like the location of the incident could help get the dog the care it needs.

“It is comforting to know that the video was taken by somebody who knew that it was wrong, and that something had to be done about it, and I’m hoping that something will be done about it, and very unfortunately that the dog will be brought in for treatment, or at least contact the humane society and we can help you bring it in,” said Ms. Walker.

The Ministry of Education said Clifton Hunter’s transportation services are contracted to private providers.

Under their contracts, service providers are to report any incidents that happen on the bus to the relevant school and the DES.

The investigation is ongoing.

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Joe Avary

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