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Smith Barcadere enhancements revised to incorporate public feedback

George Town South MLA Barbara Connolly said controversial plans to enhance Smith Barcadere have been revised, after taking into consideration feedback from a public meeting back in July.

Plans for Smith Barcadere redevelopment were unveiled to a mixed reactions at that contentious meeting. In the months since, Ms. Connolly and the enhancement committee have gone back to the drawing board, making some big changes to accommodate community concerns.

Some infrastructure upgrades from those plans, however, have already moved forward. This week, a new pedestrian crosswalk was installed on South Church Street at Smith Barcadere.

“Safety to me is paramount, in terms of four people, for our visitors and our locals alike

One of Grand Cayman’s best-loved beaches has just become more pedestrian friendly. Ms. Connolly said the new crosswalk is a major safety upgrade for Smith Barcadere.

“There is an issue here on the south sound road and I’ve gotten many complaints from my constituents, of the traffic, and of the speeding in this area,” said Ms. Connolly.

The pedestrian crosswalk is among several Smith Barcadere enhancements introduced at a public meeting back in July. Others include a new carpark, new rest rooms, and a number of ironshore cabanas. Ms. Connolly told Cayman 27 revisions have been made to incorporate public feedback.

“Some of our people weren’t happy that we may have to cut down some of our trees, and in fact there were a couple of our indigenous trees that were there, so we did change the plan so now, the car park is actually going to be closer to, actually to the end of the parcel,” said Ms. Connolly.

She said placing the carpark along the northern boundary of the property also preserves the view from the roadway.

“If we put the car park at the front of the road out here, people crossing in their cars or walking would not able to appreciate the view of the water,” she remarked.

And while the new pedestrian crosswalk is one small part of a bigger project, Ms. Connolly said it’s a small step to improving Smith Barcadere for everyone.

“It has taken quite a bit of time but at the same time I am so pleased to see that it is actually become a reality now,” said Ms. Connolly.

In addition to moving the car park to the northern boundary of the Smith Barcadere property, Ms. Connolly said the revised plans include a wooden deck or platform where beach goers can get a great view of the sunset. She did not indicate if the controversial ironshore cabanas remain in the plan.

Ms. Connolly told cayman 27 the committee is scheduled to meet again this week, but there are unlikely to be any more public meetings on the plan.

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Joe Avary

Joe Avary

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