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Acting Fire Chief Tatum to focus on discipline and protocols

New Acting Fire Chief Witney Tatum said it’s time discipline and principle return to the Cayman Islands Fire Services.

Mr. Tatum was appointed Friday (01 February.

He takes over from former Fire Chief David Hails. On Monday (1 February) spoke with Cayman 27 about his new role and plans he has for local firemen.

“I would like to see things go back to the days where we follow protocol. I will address any issues that come to me and I think the morale of the staff right now is the most important thing to get back on track and I will try my best to get it sorted in the best way possible. I will set my ground rules and I won’t have any topic of anyone coming in discrediting people with me,” said Mr.Tatum.

With nearly 32 years of service under his belt, the Cayman Brac fireman said when he got the offer to act, there was no hesitation. Mr. Tatum also said this is not the first time he has been at the helm.

He was appointed Acting Chief for a week back in November 2018. Mr. Tatum declined to comment on Mr. Hail’s departure, the former Fire Chief was the first non-Caymanian to run the service in 50 years.

“Honestly speaking I would like to see the department go back to a full-time Caymanian Acting Chief but that’s left to the Government to make that decision,” said Mr. Tatum.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is currently looking for an Interim Fire Chief to serve for a 12-month period, that recruitment process is ongoing.

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Seaford Russell jr.

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