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Swimming: CIASA, Cayman 27 partner for three-hour broadcast of National Championships

For the first time ever, the Cayman Islands Aquatic Sports Association (CIASA) National Championships are coming to Cayman 27!

As Cayman’s top amateur junior swimmers hit the pool starting Thursday 7 March at 8:00 a.m., Cayman 27 will go LIVE during the evening session of day three Saturday 9th March from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m at the Camana Bay Aquatic Centre.

The event will be hosted by Cayman 27’s ‘Sports Guy’ Jordan Armenise, alongside Camana Bay Aquatic Club’ Coach Kirk Ermels and Olympian Lara Butler.

Butler, who owns 28 amateur swimming records, says the event brings out the best in swimmers as the final meet before the CARIFTA Championships.

“It’s a big highlight in Cayman,” said Butler. “There are so many swimmers who may not make the cut, but the adrenaline and the family support, gives you the boost to swim better than you’ve ever swam before. You realize you are at the level you can be at to compete against other Caribbean swimmers.”

Ermels says the event, which includes over 40 finals during the three-hour broadcast, will feature a high level of competition.

“This is our kids last chance to qualify,” said Ermels. “This is our highlight on the island. There are some kids knocking on the door, and I think there are going to be some very competitive races.”

In 2018, swimmers broke a whopping 20 records at the CIASA Nationals. Cayman’s national CARIFTA swimmers followed that with a 41-medal performance at the 2018 CARIFTA Championships in Jamaica. The three-hour broadcast can be viewed on both Cayman 27 and Facebook.

The event in it’s entirety runs from 7-10 March:

Thursday and Friday: Prelims @ 8:00AM and Finals @ 6:00PM
Saturday and Sunday: Prelims @ 8:30AM and Finals @ 5:30PM

Here is a look at the events to be included in the broadcast:

Synchronized swimming exhibition

Girls 9-10 200-metre I.M.

Boys 9-10 200-metre I.M.

Girls 11-12 200-metre I.M.

Boys 11-12 200-metre I.M.

Girls 13-14 200-metre I.M.

Boys 13-14 200-metre I.M.

Girls 15-17 200-metre I.M.

Boys 15-17 200-metre I.M.

Girls 18-20 200-metre I.M.

Boys 18-20 200-metre I.M.


Girls 9-10 50-metre breaststroke

Boys 9-10 50-metre breaststroke

Girls 11-12 50-metre breaststroke

Boys 11-12 50-metre breaststroke

Girls 13-14 50-metre breaststroke

Boys 13-14 50-metre breaststroke

Girls 15-17 50-metre breaststroke

Boys 15-17 50-metre breaststroke

Girls 18-20 50-metre breaststroke

Boys 18-20 50-metre breaststroke


Girls 9-10 100-metre freestyle

Boys 9-10 100-metre freestyle

Girls 11-12 100-metre freestyle

Boys 11-12 100-metre freestyle

Girls 13-14 100-metre freestyle

Boys 13-14 100-metre freestyle

Girls 15-17 100-metre freestyle

Boys 15-17 100-metre freestyle

Girls 18-20 100-metre freestyle

Boys 18-20 100-metre freestyle


Girls 11-12 200-metre butterfly

Boys 11-12 200-metre butterfly

Girls 13-14 200-metre butterfly

Boys 13-14 200-metre butterfly

Girls 15-17 100-metre butterfly

Boys 15-17 100-metre butterfly

Girls 18-20 100-metre butterfly

Boys 18-20 100-metre butterfly


Girls 9-10 200-metre free relay

Boys 9-10 200-metre free relay

Girls 11-12 200-metre free relay

Boys 11-12 200-metre free relay

Girls 13-14 200-metre free relay

Boys 13-14 200-metre free relay

Girls 15-17 200-metre free relay

Boys 15-17 200-metre free relay

Girls 18-20 200-metre free relay

Boys 18-20 200-metre free relay

About the author

Jordan Armenise

Jordan Armenise

Jordan Armenise began his sports broadcasting journey with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League (CFL). It was in this role where he was able to craft the immersive and enthusiastic approach to reporting, broadcasting and production you see here today in Cayman's sports community.

Jordan has also worked behind the scenes for a number of Canadian broadcasting & production companies such as CBC Sports, Cineflix Productions and Cream Productions.

Did he mention he was St. Clare of Assisi's 1994 Athlete of the Year?

Now dubbed 'The Sports Guy', Jordan relishes the role as Cayman 27 Sports Producer, where he can tell the stories of Cayman’s athletes. You can reach Jordan at 333.6521 or

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