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Owner speaks out after learning three of his dogs euthanised by DOA

A West Bay dog lover is speaking out after learning three dogs seized from his residence last Thursday (7 March) were put to sleep.

The Department of Agriculture and police maintain the owner had been warned before, after numerous complaints, and that he ultimately agreed to surrender the animals.

“In a matter of six days our dogs were actually euthanized,” said a still-distraught Mario Manning.

He told Cayman 27 he learned Tuesday (12 March) that three of his rescue dogs seized last week by police and the DOA were put to sleep.

In a clarifying press release issued on the evening of 12 March, the DOA and police said Mr. Manning signed away ownership on 7 March.

The DOA and police said they attended the Watercourse road address that day, after numerous complaints about three roaming and aggressive dogs chasing passerby and cyclists, causing fear and in one instance, an injury.

“We’ve actually been told that we have surrendered the dogs which is not the case, we’ve been told that the dogs have attacked people, that they were ferocious, all of these statements are completely untrue,” said Mr. Manning.

Mr. Manning admitted he did sign some paperwork, he but he contends he was unaware it would surrender ownership of the animals to the DOA.

He also questioned the allegations that his dogs had caused injury to passerby.

“I’m not saying that my dogs have never gotten out of the property, but to have caused somebody harm and according to the statements that have been made, that I would’ve at least to have liked to of been afforded an opportunity to defend that before they had been put down, if there was such evidence,” said Mr. Manning.

The reality is, nothing will bring back Dusty, Poppy, and Karma. Mr. Manning’s pack of four dogs has now been reduced to one.

He hopes he will be allowed to retrieve the animals’ remains.

“All that I’m asking for is a chance to view them one last time and to be able to cremate them so that we may have them, their memory,” said Mr. Manning.

Late Wednesday afternoon (13 March) the DOA provided a detailed timeline of its recorded interactions with these particular dogs and their owners, and complaints including an 18 February report of an attack on a cyclist who received minor injuries.

The DOA said Mr. Manning appeared to read the surrender form, adding his signature to the document.

From Department of Agriculture Assistant Director Brian Crichlow:

First let me correct one statement that is the dogs in question were not seized as stated, the dogs were in fact surrendered to the Department of Agriculture by the owner who signed the Agreement for Surrendering Animals form.

Additional background information on this matter is as follows:

Tuesday 16th October (3) dogs were impounded on Boltins avenue West Bay after being observed to be roaming and causing a nuisance to persons in the area.  (2) of the dogs were a prohibited breed type.  The dogs were impounded and secured at the ARS Shelter.

Wednesday 17th October a female and male visited the ARS Shelter and made a positive identification of 2 of the 3 dogs (the 2 prohibited breed type)  that were impounded.
Information was gathered and a brief inspection was carried out at #81 Doddridge Crescent located on Boltins Avenue WB. 
The Inspection found that there was a run area secured and appropriate to house the animals at the location.  The owner stated the animals reside inside of the residence. 

Thursday 18th the animals were reclaimed after the regular procedures of paying the prescribed fees and licensing of the animals were complied with.

January 25 2019 Animal Control officers responding to complaints received of a serious stray dog problem on Watercourse Road West Bay,  observed 3 dog straying which they eluded capture and ran into a premises (address redacted) Watercourse Road. A male individual was spoken to at the residence. Officers provided educational material, specifically  Responsible Dog Ownership brochure and warned the person to secure the animals.

February 18 2019 a report was received from an elderly male stating he was attacked whilst riding to work from dogs at #247 Water Course and received minor injuries. He was advised to seek medical attention for his injuries and a requested to give a formal statement, which he declined to provide. Information was passed on to RCIPS. 

During the latter half of February several other telephone complaints were received regarding problems with stray dogs on Watercourse Road. 

March 5th 2019 during a drive through of the area, a Pitbull mix dog was observed on the road  adjacent to #247 Water Course Road. 

March 7th 2019 Officers from RCIPS and DOA attended the area and observed 3 dogs loose on the public road, none of which had license tags attached as required by Law.  The owner of the dogs was identified. The owner confirmed that he had been warned on previous occasions and had received a copy of the Responsible Dog Ownership brochure.   The owner agreed to surrender the dogs, was given a copy of the Agreement for Surrendering Animals form, it was explained to him. The owner appeared to read the form, attached his name, signed and dated the form.  

The matter was handled in accordance with Departmental procedures and the Law,

As the signed surrender form related to this matter contains personal information, it will not be provided.  However, we can provide a blank copy of this form for clarification (Surrender Form – August 2018)  As you can see there is language at the bottom of the form which clearly spells out the terms and consequences of surrender.

The 3 dogs in question were prohibited dogs as defined by The Animals (Prohibited Dogs) (Amendment) Regulations, 2014. Specifically 2 Pitbull terriers and a Pitbull crossbreed.

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Joe Avary

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