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Government chooses cash over land for new Sunrise Centre

Government has received US $1.35 million as part of the National Roads Authority agreement with Dart.

Dart confirmed government chose the money instead of land for a new Sunrise Adult Training Centre.

That facility for adults with special needs still operates from the same re-purposed duplex deemed overcrowded and wholly inadequate in a 2010 report.

Sunrise Centre staff make the most of the little space they have at their makeshift facility, where clients are showing off their costumes for their upcoming production of the Lion King.

Situated deep into West Bay near the edge of Barker’s, the Sunrise Centre is out of the way for many.

“We need to be more central, we need to serve all of Cayman, and in fact all of the three Cayman Islands, but let’s start with giving equitable service to Grand Cayman’s clients with special needs,” said Sunrise Centre Director Kim Voaden.

Ms. Voaden said she was pleased the Sunrise Centre was included in the Premier’s strategic policy statement earlier this year.

A 2010 report highlighted safety hazards and myriad inadequacies at the facility.

Mr. McLaughlin said in the SPS that plans for a new facility were agreed to with an eye on completion by early 2021.

“We are looking forward to some excellent progress in the next budget cycle, god willing, towards the new centre, and a central location that will serve our clients and their families,” said Ms. Voaden.

Dart Real Estate President Jackie Doak confirmed the US $1.35 million agreed to as part of the NRA agreement is already in government’s hands.

She said the agreement “provided an opportunity for [government] to utilise 3 acres of land at Camana Bay for the [Sunrise Centre] or to receive an equivalent sum of US $1.35 million. The government chose the latter and funds have been transferred.”

While the strain on facilities is evident, Ms. Voaden, staff, and Sunrise Centre clients continue to make do.

“We are perennially grateful for the support the ministry gives us, and we are, we are conscious of the efforts that they are making to try to progress on our new centre,” said Ms. Voaden.

Dart transferred the funds to government in 2018.

We reached out to government to find out whether that money will indeed be used for a new facility.

Government responded  Wednesday (5 June) afternoon that there are discussions underway regarding the facility but cannot give any further information at the moment.

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