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Speeding drunk driver pleads guilty to killing cyclist

Wilfred Myles Jr pleads guilty to Causing Death by Dangerous Driving, Driving Whilst Disqualified, and the Unlawful Use of a Vehicle. Mr. Myles entered a not guilty plea to Causing Death Whilst Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.

It all happened in Grand Court on Friday (7 June).

Prosecutor Scott Wainwright says just after 4 a.m. on April 15, Mr. Myles was speeding on the wrong side of the road when he struck and killed 22-year-old Ignacio Kirzner. The Argentine was riding his bicycle on his way to work.

The court heard after the incident Myles drove home, called his dad and told him he was injured. He said he thought he might have struck someone or something. The crown said Mr. Myles’ girlfriend overheard that conversation and called the police.

The judge was told Mr. Myles, his girlfriend and his father attempted to find the location of the collision but were unsuccessful. They returned home, where police would eventually find him some 45 minutes later.

A blood alcohol test taken four hours after the crash revealed that Mr. Myles had a content of more than 0.256%, more than double the legal limit.

The prosecution said Mr. Myles was driving his girlfriend’s car without her permission, and added that he didn’t have insurance and the car wasn’t licensed or registered since 2017.

In a letter addressed to the court, the family of the victim said, “It is hard for us to accept that Nachos (a nickname given to Mr. Kirzner) has been taken for us. His hopes and dreams and future projects were taken from him in an aggressive and abrupt way.”

Defense Attorney Pratna Bodden told the Court Mr. Myles has always accepted responsibility for his actions and he deeply regretted the incident.

The court heard that Mr. Myles had written a letter to the victim’s family, in it, he is alleged to have said if he could switch places with Mr. Kirnzer he would in a heartbeat.

The judge is expected to return his sentence in the next two weeks.

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Andrel Harris

Andrel Harris

After completing high school in Cayman, Andrel Harris joined the news team as a Reporter Trainee in 2013. Now he serves as a reporter/producer, as well as the 'Cayman 27 Today' anchor. He also contributes to the talk shows and present weather forecasts. He hails from the district of North Side.

"Working with Cayman 27 has been a rewarding and eye opening experience. Through the power of the media, I've been able to help give a voice to the people living in Cayman." - Andrel Harris

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