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Does the proposed anti-bullying law go far enough?

Founder of United Against Bullying Foundation, Janet Young, says bullying in schools continues to be an issue, but she is hoping new proposed law changes can make a difference.

“It has been a long time coming, this has been happening in our schools and our kids have been experiencing bullying for a long time,” she said.

This issue is close to Ms. Young’s heart as her son was a victim of bullying, but she wants the proposed Anti-Bullying legislation will bring a culture of change in local schools.

“Schools should have a programme where every quarter they have some workshop or some education towards their students on bullying, how to deal with bullying, and why not to bully other children because it has serious serious repercussions,” she said.

The law changes are proposing penalties for school officials and parents to hold them accountable, but she said when it comes to students it is not so clear.

“I would really like to know what over time means, because if this continues, the child could be damaged by the time you get to that child,” she said.

She said action must be taken after the first incident.

Ms. Young said the United Against Bullying Foundation will be reviewing the law changes to provide its input.

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