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MLA trip opens eyes to missed opportunities on renewable energy

One lawmaker said the country is falling behind its neighbors on renewable energy.

Independent MLA Winston Connolly said his recent trip to a sustainable energy workshop in Trinidad with two other MLA’s opened his eyes to what he called ‘missed opportunities.’

“We just need to come up with a plan, stick with the plan, and try to hit those goals because time is against us,” said Mr. Connolly. He told Cayman 27 ‘s the country’s approach to renewable energy lacks the right sense of urgency.

“Since I got into the LA I kept asking why is it that were not pushing more solar, more natural gas, just a kind of mixture of things trying to solve the high energy costs, but also our reliance on fossil fuels,” said Mr. Connolly.

Mr. Connolly said Cayman’s participation in the Paris agreement on climate change and the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol are steps in the right direction. He said a recent trip to an energy conference in Trinidad with fellow MLA’s Bernie Bush and Arden McLean opened eyes as to how far we are behind some of our neighbors in the region.

“Being in that room showed us, and I think I speak for the other two as well, because we had some discussions on the way back, is that there are a lot of opportunities that we are missing,” said Mr. Connolly.

He said other countries are doing more with less to go green, and tapping into funds designed to help small island states reach sustainability goals.

“I would think we need to try to get back to that point, where we draw a line in the sand and say we want to have this much renewable energy by this period, and we go for it,” said Mr. Connolly.

He said he’s still waiting to see Cayman set goals of its own. He says the country’s draft energy policy – still in the works – could help reduce our carbon footprint, and do our part to stave off global warming.

Mr. Connolly is planning a public event later this month to discuss renewable energy and sustainable development. That meeting will take place on January 21st.

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Joe Avary

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