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Court ruling watched by Cayman lawyers

One of the highest courts in England has ruled that for the past 30 years, judges may well have gotten it wrong when it comes to joint enterprise convictions.

In simple terms, people have been convicted of murder even if they did not inflict the fatal blow, but a new ruling means that was an unfair interpretation, and now some convicted killers, may well be freed.

Here in Cayman, lawyers are not expecting the floodgates to open, but are watching developments closely.

“It will perhaps open grounds of appeal in the Cayman Islands for those who have been convicted on specific grounds of foresight alone,” said attorney Prathna Bodden.

“We would need to look at each individual case and the basis in which they were convicted before we could properly advise.

“But its definitely going to affect how cases are dealt with going forward. It puts the pressure on the crown who will have to take a different approach in many cases because the standard seems to have changed.”


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Paul Kennedy

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