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Jobless rate for Caymanians dips in latest figures

Employment Minister Tara Rivers revealed to Cayman 27 the jobless rate is trending in the right direction.

She said new data shows Caymanian unemployment dropping from nearly 8% down to 6.2% in the latest figures. She said the decline is hard evidence government’s work to tackle this joblessness is paying off.

“From a macroeconomic perspective, the picture in unemployment is actually moving in the right direction,” cabinet minister Tara Rivers told Cayman 27. “There has been a drop since 2013 from 9.4% to the most recent statistic we’ve been given by the Economics and Statistics Office, which is 6.2% amongst Caymanians.”

While this is seen as positive sign, she said it offers no consolation to those who remain jobless. Ms. Rivers spoke directly to their concerns.

“We haven’t forgotten about you and we’re not going to sit back on our laurels and just be happy with the fact that the trends are moving down,” said Ms. Rivers.

She told Cayman 27 government programmes aim to futher chip away at the jobless rate. She says the Ready-to-Work KY  initiative is quickly taking shape, with robust interest from the business community. Additionally, another partnership is finally bearing fruit.

“I’m also happy to announce another partnership that’s just come online with the NWDA and an individual construction company which is an apprenticeship, it’s really kicking off the National Apprenticeship Programme which we’ve been trying to develop over the past two years,” said Ms. Rivers.

She encouraged unemployed Caymanians to register with the NWDA to access these and other employment schemes.

“If you are interested in participating as a prospective employee, you need to make sure that you are current and up to date with your registration at the NWDA,” she said.


Minister Rivers said the National Apprentice Programme is looking for someone to learn specialised tile work.

The deadline to apply for this paid apprenticeship with the NWDA is February 24th.

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Joe Avary

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