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Family still looks for answers

One week on and the family of the missing boaters is still demanding answers.

As the search for their loved ones scales down, the brother of Gary Mullings says he hopes lessons can be learned from the tragedy and no other families suffer the pain his feels.

It’s been more than a week and still no sign of the missing boaters, and still no sign of closure for their families.

“It’s been terrifying, its been horrible. I can’t even express how I feel. I’m numb,” said Hyman Mullings.

“It’s only the grace of God right now that I am able to sit here and tell you how I feel.”

It would take nothing short of a miracle to bring the missing back home but Mr. Mullings wont give up.

“I still have a little hope,” he added.

“I’m holding on to whatever I can because I believe and I trust in god and I don’t believe he would take four members of my family just like that.”

Since the ill-fated fishing trip, rumours have been rife in the community about the reasons they set sail.

Mr. Mullings said, “I’ve lived in Cayman Islands all my life. And its a society that would tear you apart rather than uplift you.

“Especially coming from certain background, certain places that you my life here in this country, it has a stigma and people class you based on your location based on even your complexion and in this case, even my name. They are classing and judging us, based on our name.”

As well as Gary Mullings, Nicholas Watler, Edsell Haylock and children Kanyi and Kamron Brown, have not been seen since setting off for a fishing trip on march 6th.

Cayman 27’s Paul Kennedy has more.

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