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Traditions face-off against legal obligations in same-sex question

Are Cayman’s traditional values at odds with our obligations to adhere to international human rights law?

Former law lecturer Leonardo Raznovich says yes. He’s fighting to be added to his same-sex spouse’s work permit as a dependent.

Bodden Town MLA Anthony Eden disagrees, saying Cayman needs to hold firm to the Christian principles it was founded upon.

“I read my bible, and I go by that,” said Bodden Town MLA Anthony Eden, who is once again standing up for his beliefs.

He said recognising same-sex marriage goes against the country’s traditional values.

“This is our Cayman, we were raised by a certain standard and we must not cave into them,” said Mr. Eden.

Speaking at a public meeting Monday in Bodden Town (11 April), he referenced the case of Leonardo Raznovich, a name he knows well.

“I literally got crucified back in August last year, when I took a stand, when I found out that some Johnny-come-lately was here trying to change the way of life that we have lived over five hundred years,” Mr. Eden told the crowd of approximately 40 attendees, who warmly received, and even applauded many of his comments.

“We don’t want to change the way of life of the island, we simply want to be left alone,” Dr. Raznovich told Cayman 27.

Dr. Raznovich said he’s not pushing for same-sex marriage to become law of the land, he says his fight is for the government to abide by its international human rights obligations, by allowing him as a dependent on his spouse’s work permit.

“I don’t want any change in the law, if the government feels they need to change the law to accommodate other situations, that’s the governments prerogative. What I want is the government to obey by the law in the same way they obey their international obligations on tax,” said Dr. Raznovich.

“Why should we now go back and amend and change our laws to allow this?” Mr. Eden asked during his remarks.

Mr. Eden stands by his faith-based convictions, but Dr. Raznovich countered that discrimination is not a Christian value.

“Christianity is based on love, on acceptance, on tolerance, and to that extent I cannot see how anybody can use Christian values to support the idea that there’s no room on this island for LGBT people,” said Dr. Raznovich.



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