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Mother’s thanks justice has been served

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Finally, justice for Jason.

That’s the message from the mother of a murdered 20-year-old as his killers are convicted.

As brothers Osbourne Douglas and Justin Ramoon begin a life sentence for shooting dead Jason Powery, the victim’s mother says she finally has closure.

And she’s urging Cayman’s youth to put down the guns, before more lives are ruined.

“He may be dead and gone, but he’s still in my heart,” said Jason’s mother, Lisa Powery White.

“And I miss him every day.”

On Thursday (26 May), two men were convicted of his murder. During their trial, Mr. Powery’s alleged gang-land links were brought out into the open.

“I don’t think that he had a gun on him,” added Mrs. Powery White.

“I believe in my son and I don’t believe he was into that kind of stuff, like gangster people. I told him I don’t want you involved with these guys because anything can happen to you and nobody is going to feel it like I  feel it every night.”

The two men convicted of the murder of Jason Powery will be jailed for life.

In July, His Honour Mr. Justice Charles Quin will set a tariff to determine how long they will stay behind bars before they are eligible for parole.

Cayman 27’s Paul Kennedy has this report.

About the author

Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy

Paul has worked for more than 20 years for regional and national newspapers in the UK covering some of the world’s biggest stories.

A multi-award winning journalist, Paul’s dream story is to find a dog that can play the piano. In the meantime he covers general news, produces, and hosts a weekly show about English football.

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