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Taser video goes viral

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It’s become a familiar sight. An uncooperative suspect, potentially armed.

Police, armed with tasers. And witnesses, armed with cameras.

This latest video is online, but police say it’s not the whole story, when it comes to a George Town arrest viewed almost 40,000 times since the Friday (3 June) night incident.

Two officers respond to a man who reportedly displayed a gun at the Rooftop Bar.

He refuses officers’ commands, and they deploy their taser.

But the officers are distracted by onlookers, including the one who’s filming on his cell phone, and the suspect removes the electronic device, and runs off.  He is eventually chased down, tazed again and taken into custody for resisting arrest and assaulting police.

The firearm found was a flare gun. But police don’t know that at 3 a.m. on a dark street. The video was posted on Facebook has been watched and shared over and over again.

A 22  year old man was arrested and has since been released on police bail.

Police say what really concerns them is that some of the online comments contain misrepresentations and even threatening language toward officers. They say an increase in confiscated weapons at nightclubs means increased crime reduction strategies will be put in place, to ensure people can feel safe when they’re out at night.

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Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy

Paul has worked for more than 20 years for regional and national newspapers in the UK covering some of the world’s biggest stories.

A multi-award winning journalist, Paul’s dream story is to find a dog that can play the piano. In the meantime he covers general news, produces, and hosts a weekly show about English football.

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