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Jake Cash jumpstarts Fashion Cayman

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Local fashion Designer “Jake Cash” has launched a new t-shirt collection called “Bless the Youth” under the local clothing line Coterie.

Jake Cash whose real name is Jake Hydes said he started the brand with Cayman’s youth in mind.

“Bless the Youth is about kids that has talent that can’t express it anywhere. I mean they express it in their bedrooms or on Instagram or something like that but with me now having them to go on stage,” Mr. Hydes said.

Jake Cash has received marketing opportunities to distribute the brand, with the local store “Winners Circle” deciding to provide shelf space for Cash’s new collection after turning away other local clothing in the past. Winners Circe Store Manger David Goddard said the quality of the brand when compared to previous offers made the decision easy.

“We believe that a quality product starts with of course the material the product is made from, you know if the product has a proper tag in the back and you know that it’s branded properly, that it’s marketed properly,” Mr. Goddard said.

Followed by the launch is the “Bless the Youth” event at Kings Sports Centre on Friday July 22nd where local acts Josh Pearl, Fusion, Rico Rolando, Capo Fitz, Dj Munroe, Erica Assai, Cinco, Rocket Society, Swayy, Tatty and Miaa will perform live and help to promote the new collection.

Jake Cash said other forms of art will be showcased on stage at the “Bless the Youth” event bringing attention to painters, poets and instrumentalists.

The talent show will also feature a teen jam for the youth. Alcohol will not be served at the event.

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Mario Grey

Mario Grey's passion for journalism has been long intertwined with his love of people and culture from his days as a youth growing up in the Cayman Islands. He captained his debate team whilst at John Gray High School and graduated as Head Prefect. He also worked at KVHU FM in Searcy, Arkansas, United States and worked and interned for Radio Cayman News before graduating from the University Of Arkansas at Little Rock in May 2015.

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