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4 in 10 Ready2Work participants placed with employers so far

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The latest numbers from government on its Ready2Work KY programme are in. Statistics reveal around 40% of Caymanians who’ve advanced beyond the initial training phase have attained job placements with employers. But will those placements turn into full-time jobs when the six month programme is over?

With the first cohort more than halfway through the six month Ready2Work KY programme, employment minister Tara Rivers told Cayman 27 job placements are up.

“So far the reports have been quite favorable and so I’m looking forward to seeing what the actual results are at the end of the six months,” said Ms. Rivers.

New data shows seven more Ready2Work KY participants have attained job placements in the last month as office assistants, car wash detailers, sales clerks, junior CAD designers, and technician’s apprentices.

But what happens in October, when the programme ends for the first cohort??

“The understanding and huge expectation of course, from the beginning for any employer who participates in the programme, was that there would be a real job opportunity at the end of the six months placement,” said Ms. Rivers.

Ms. Rivers told Cayman 27 government believes in and is committed to investing in training and development programmes, and says the data gathered in this pilot period will inform future iterations of the programme.

“At the end of the period that the task force will come together, look at the data as you said, and determine whether or not we want to continue to replicate the programme as is, or if we need to tweak it or if we need to change it,” she said.

While it remains to be seen how many Ready2Work KY participants will attain full-time employment, Ms. Rivers said she believes the programme gives them fair access to opportunity.


Of the first seven cohorts, 11 individuals, around 15% of Ready2Work KY job seekers, have elected to step out of the programme.

Minister Rivers said in some of those cases, mental health issues and substance abuse were identified as barriers to a participants readiness for the Ready2Work KY programme.

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Joe Avary

Joe Avary

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