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Potential free Wi-Fi in community park

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The internet can allow you to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world, but not everyone on island has access.  That is about to change for some, as one George Town park may soon have free wifi.  Cayman 27’s Philipp Richter reports.

Like many children in Windsor Park they enjoy playing at the playground.  With plans to install free wifi at the Windsor Park playground, they say they’ll get more out of their visits than ever before.

“It will help me to like, research stuff online and stuff like that,” said Mikaila Cole.

“I watch funny videos and things like that, I’ll be by the park and sit down and chill or we can sit and text our friends being on wifi,” said Justin Wright.

Political hopeful Ellio Solomon spearheds the plan to outfit the playground with free wifi, which he’s paying for.

“Parks are supposed to be that area that brings the community together and it just really wasn’t happening,” said Political Hopeful, Ellio Solomon.

He sees this project as a way to give internet access to everyone in a community where some may not be able to afford it.

“The internet, that people’s access to knowledge, is going to be universal and that’s what I really want to see is that universal access to knowledge and I think when you talk to a lot of our children, I think they’ll really be able to take advantage of it if its in the parks,” said Ellio Solomon.

Community leaders Blemo Ross says it’s especially important because internet access can be a drain on a family’s check book.

“It’s very much a good thing for the area and the youth, many parents cannot afford the internet around these areas,” said Blemo “Capt. Blemo” Ross.

A modem similar to what homes use for internet will be placed in this building behind me to give free wifi access for everyone to use. As an effort to bring the community back to its parks, an idea supporters say will help the neighborhood grow.

Mister Solomon says the internet will be online sometime next week.

About the author

Philipp Richter

Philipp Richter

Philipp Richter was born in Austria and moved to the Cayman Islands at the age of three. Throughout his life, he has always enjoyed documenting his surroundings with cameras. Studying television broadcasting and communications, he now can show the reality of life in Grand Cayman to the public.

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