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Youth Act’s Co-Chair Michael Myles says he will do whatever it takes to implement a programme that he believes will curb youth crime.  “Stop Now and Plan” teaches children ages 6-11 who are prone to disruptive behaviours on how to manage themeselves.

This week, reseacher and co-founder of SNAP Leena Augimeri came from Toronto to explain how it works.  Mr. Myles believes in the programme too, which will require three hundred thousand dollars to implement due to the staffing needs.  He says if no one will foot the bill, he will take matters into his own hands.

“Get myself the training and I’ll go parent to parent, if I have to,  I’ll go up I’ll pay for the training if I have to slowly raise the funds to pay for myself to be trained , then I’ll do it.  It will certainly be a watered down type of programme but I’ll get the skills to continue to offer it and I’ll offer it to the best of my ability,” said Youth ACT’s Michael Myles.

Mr. Myles says he gets puzzled looks from people when he mentions the cost of the youth crime prevention programme, but points out the country doesn’t appear to have a problem when the same amount of money or more may be spent on a new fleet of police cars or a new court-house.


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