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Developers plan condo project next to Smith’s Cove

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Plans have been submitted for a three storey, 24-unit condo complex, and it includes part of Smith’s Barcadere, known to many as Smith’s Cove.

Developers Bronte plan to build the 22,000 sq/ft project on a parcel of private land that includes a portion of the sandy beach on the north side of Smith’s Barcadere and the beloved jumping rock.

Already a facebook page called “Save the Cove” has sprung up in opposition to the project.

The developer’s agent Michael Joseph told Cayman 27 he understands the public’s concern. He said the plans extend setbacks as to preserve the public’s access to the beach.

“What we can say without any doubt, whatsoever, is that the public’s access to and use of the second beach and the famous jumping rock – and I was there in the late 70’s, I was there as well – is going to stay absolutely open to the public,” said Mr. Joseph.

Those against the project, like Adam Johnson, would prefer to see government step in to purchase the land for preservation.

“It’s nice to think the developer wants to do something to mitigate the impact, but for me, this is a situation of just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. This parcel should never be a development site,” said Mr. Johnson.

The public has until Friday to place objections.

Cayman 27 plans to have much more on this story in coming days.

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