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Jobs for Caymanians among top election issues

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223 days remain until the 2017 election (not like anyone’s counting) and the CDP officially kicked off its campaign Monday night (10 October) with a rally in West Bay.

Voters in the district said learning about the new single-member constituencies system is one priority, but others tell us there are three other issues that will affect Caymanians in the runup to election day. Those are (in order) jobs, jobs and jobs.

“It’s evident and apparent to me that this economy, this country on a whole, every district in this country is suffering,” said CDP West Bay chairperson Shyvon Hydes.

She told Cayman 27 pocketbook issues will likely determine how many Caymanians cast their vote come next May.

“Always, always, always unemployment,” said Ms. Hydes. “Unemployment, no jobs for Caymanians, cost of living.”

Government recently announced a drop in the cost of living, but Ms. Hydes said plenty of everyday Caymanians like herself aren’t buying the figures.

“I’ve heard recent adverts by the PPM, the progressives government , boasting of a 2.5 [percent] decrease in the cost of living, I dare tell you that, that is not correct. I stand here tonight and tell you that is not correct,” said Ms. Hydes.

“In most instances Caymanians tend to be a little bit complacent and some of them are scared to speak up, but for those of us who speak up we make a difference,” said CDP West Bay Deputy Chair and long-time McKeeva bush backer Cora Grant-James.

Ms. Grant-James said voters have more influence on the setting the agenda than they may realize.

“If [politicians] are not saying things you want to hear, you need yo come forward and say look: this is important to me, you need to address it,” she said.

MLA Bernie Bush agreed, and explained from the podium how the relationship between constituent and representative really works.

“Make us listen,” said Mr. Bush. “Find us and make us listen, and believe you me, there’s one thing every politician needs to see, and that is groups of you all. Because they afraid of, we’re afraid of numbers.”

Both women encourage every eligible Caymanian to get registered, and support the candidate in their constituency they feel will best represent the issues that matter to them.

The voter registration deadline is December 31st.

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Joe Avary

Joe Avary

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