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Smith’s Cove development: history and political ramifications

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Reaction to a planning application involving a parcel of land adjacent to Smith’s Barcadere, also known as Smith’s Cove, has developers ‘stepping back’ from the project.

Sales agent Michael Joseph, representing developers Bronte, said in a statement today that while some concerns and objections were anticipated, the public response to news of the proposal went beyond their expectations.

This issue of developing Smith’s Cove has certainly touched a nerve in the community. Many reacted vicerally when first hearing news that developers have their eyes on changing Smith’s Cove.

But the truth is, it’s private land, and the developers are within their rights to use the land as they see fit.

Several Cayman 27 viewers upset about the proposal sent their opinions on the project in via email. Much of that anger or frustration centers around the fact that just a few years ago that very parcel of land in question was on the table as part of amendment three to the NRA agreement.

Cayman 27’s Tammi Sulliman recalled covering the NRA agreement extensively at the time, an agreement that took shape over several years and three administrations.

“That and the other four entities I’m talking about haven’t progressed. The Sunrise Centre, the cemetery property that we so badly need in West Bay, are just two of them,” said Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush. “There are others and they have not progressed in their re-working of the agreement.”

Mr. Bush also addressed what he thinks government needs to do.
“Of course there can be appeals from that, judicial review from that, and also if the compromise can be found, then it’s all for the public’s interest. I would say that some kind of compromise needs to be found. That’s an important area that’s been used for generations, and the truth is it should be in the country’s hands. It is not now, it has been sold,” said Mr. Bush.

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Joe Avary

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