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$4 million dollar homeless shelter expected

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A four million dollar project is in the works to provide transitional housing for the homeless, the jobless and those who require nutritional needs.

Community activist, Matthew Leslie has released architectural drawings for the”Caring hands of Cayman transition center,” a half-way house which he said the government will play key roles in operating the facility.

Mr. Leslie said the centre will provide a multiplicity of needs including field offices for public and private groups which will serve separate wings for men, women and families. He added as it relates to the 4-million dollars to start the project, the money will come from various sources.

“It’s gonna come from donations it’s gonna come from me personally, from business hopefully government might want to step in you know this is gonna become a conglomerate because of course I can’t do all this alone and that’s why I’m very helpful or should I say I’m very thankful for the community who want to step up and help whether it be with fundraising, donating, assisting, volunteering we will get it done,” Mr. Leslie explained.

The community activist said maintaining the facility will be funded from both private stakeholders and the government. Mr. Leslie did not identify a location for the proposed complex and said if it is built, the operating funds would be identified through both a government business plan and a special trust fund.

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