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Eden Rock damage differs from recent anchor damage incidents

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The Department of Environment told Cayman 27 it’s still working to assess the damage caused by a container ship’s grounding at Eden Rock.

This new video from iDive shows the extent of the destruction on the surface of the reef and inside the site’s extensive network of swim-through tunnels. DOE Deputy Director Tim Austin said the nature of the damage stemming from the Saga grounding differs from what we’ve seen in recent chain and anchor incidents in recent years.

“The unique feature of a ship grounding is that it’s very uniform in the area that’s broken off,” explained Mr. Austin. “In this case, anything that’s above 4 meters has been impacted, so it leaves a very flat surface, but it does mean there are large areas that are not impacted that are deeper. In this particular instance, there’s a very lunar landscape.”

Mr. Austin told Cayman 27 he and other DOE divers examined the hull of the ship. He said the hull showed signs considerable scraping and loss of paint. He said the ship’s captain reported it was taking on water in the hours after the grounding, but on-board pumping equipment was ultimately able to control it.

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