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International men’s day

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Tomorrow marks international men’s day, promoting all aspects of masculine health.

Today at the Family Life Center, over 150 students from John Gray High School and CIFEC were in attendance to learn from educators, what it is to be a man.
The messages that speakers brought to the boys is to not be defined by the stereotypes of being a man.
During group activities, the boys got to share with one another the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

“And within that group, our boys were very honest in terms of the pressures that they face when it comes to drugs, when it comes to being in those relationship that’s intimate, but sometimes not very respectful and not being mindful of the consequences that that could lead into,” said Charmaine Miller from the Family Resource Center.

“They were able to see how that’s becoming damaging to them, that we always don’t have control, we’re always strong, we do have emotions, things aren’t always going to be great and it’s okay to be able to express that and ask for extra help,” said Brendon Malice from the Department of Counseling Services.

International men’s day was inaugurated in 1992 and is celebrated in over 70 countries world-wide.

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Philipp Richter

Philipp Richter was born in Austria and moved to the Cayman Islands at the age of three. Throughout his life, he has always enjoyed documenting his surroundings with cameras. Studying television broadcasting and communications, he now can show the reality of life in Grand Cayman to the public.

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