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Operation: Ice crystals aims to put the freeze on drunk driving

The RCIPS traffic management unit’s holiday road safety campaign kicks off.
DUI arrests are on the rise, up 16% over last year’s figures, and this year, there have been 200 more road accidents than in 2015.
Police call the campaign Operation: Ice crystals, and they told Cayman 27 it’s all about making our roadways safer.
RCIPS Inspector Ian Yearwood told Cayman 27 motorists in the festive season can expect the unexpected…
“Do expect it, do expect that you will see them, see our guys popping up at the most unexpected times, and in the most unexpected places,” said Inspector Yearwood.
He said officers will have their eyes out for speeding, cell phone use, and other violations, but Operation: ice crystals really wants to put the freeze on drunk drivers.
So far this year, RCIPS have made 128 DUI arrests, up from 110 at this same time last year. Police have attended more than 2400 road accidents in 2016, up almost 10% from last year’s numbers.
“We know that persons will have office Christmas parties and other parties they’ll be attending,’ said Inspector Yearwood, stating the ultimate aim of the campaign is not to put a damper on high spirits, but to prevent a senseless holiday tragedy.
“One life, one life to that family impacted, is more than enough justification to do this,” said Inspector Yearwood.
He warned motorists to use some common sense, and ditch the keys when the good times are flowing.
“I’m just going to ask you: if you’re going to drink. Please, do not get behind any vehicle,” said Inspector Yearwood.
This year the RCIPS special police are coming on board to assist with operation: ice crystals. Commandant Chris Duggan said there’s absolutely no reason to take the risk of ruining your life or someone else’s.
“Get a taxi, try home safe, there are so many outlets to be able to get hone safely without driving, and it’s just not worth it, so don’t do it,” said Commandant Duggan.

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Joe Avary

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