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Chamber makes case for education priority

New Chamber President Kyle Broadhurst said the business interests group is focused on the whole gambit of education under his tenure and said he hopes to assist educational improvements from the primary school level through to high school.

Mr. Broadhurst said his office plans to work with the government each step of the way in bringing the right people around the table to have an updated discussion on concerns surrounding issues plaguing Cayman’s education.

“You have to start from the very beginning so you start from the primary schools and work your way up from there and what we’re seeing is from our membership we are understanding that certain students graduate from high schools don’t have some of the basic skills that they need when they enter the workforce. So what we’re trying to do is, it’s not just the high schools we need to look at we need to make sure we’re starting, we give the kids a chance to from the very beginning. So that’s the focus it’s really the entire gambit and then actually beyond that in the vocational training and beyond,” said Mr. Broadhurst.

The Chamber announced, in March, Hon. Tara Rivers will be coming to give her remarks on the current situation of education.

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