Chamber teaches Customer care reps to exceed expectations

Customer service reps took to the Chamber of Commerce today (Feb 16) for a training geared towards making happier customers especially on days where workers aren’t happy themselves.

Facilitating the programme is Mrs. Julie McLaughlin who said when customer service reps are usually chirpy, it is up to employers to assist their customer reps in maintaining the vibrancy of their workers.

Mrs. McLaughlin said the training is not to make customer care workers robotised but said being a good customer service rep doesn’t comes naturally.

“It is something you work on and that’s one of the things that I said that if you have one of those days where you didn’t pay your water bill so you couldn’t take a shower you gotta call your moms in the hospital, you somebody ran over your cat, whatever it is that created this horrible day for you if you can’t provide the customer service that your customers expect, that your employers expect, then don’t go to work,” Mrs. McLaughlin said.

Mrs. McLaughlin said the chamber course has helped numerous customer care reps both in the public and private sector and said companies are now approaching the chamber for the training instead of the other way around.

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Mario Grey

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