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Hassan Syed Trial: Bank cheques signed

A witness statement in the Hassan Syed trial says he signed blank cheques on trust.
Mr Syed is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the University College of the Cayman Islands when he was president.

Former UCCI president Hassan Syed faces 12 charges in all, which include theft of more than half a million dollars from 2006 to 2008 and lying about obtaining a PhD so he could get the top position at the school.

On friday, A statement was read out by crown counsel, from a former secretary of the board Robert Geoffroy who is currently in Honduras.
He said he was asked to sign blank cheques and he did so on trust.
He said he had no reason to believe they were being used for anything except UCCI business.

It’s important to point out  that because this was a read-out witness statement – there could be no cross-examination.

On the stand Friday, The executive assistant to the president’s office talked about booking a flight to Toronto at Mr. Syed’s request, and that he had mentioned that something was wrong with his eye.
She also said staff were concerned and collected money to send for his medical treatment in 2008.
The crown has asserted that was a lie.
Mr. Syed denies all the charges.

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Philipp Richter

Philipp Richter

Philipp Richter was born in Austria and moved to the Cayman Islands at the age of three. Throughout his life, he has always enjoyed documenting his surroundings with cameras. Studying television broadcasting and communications, he now can show the reality of life in Grand Cayman to the public.

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