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Unemployed Caymanian puts forward idea to tackle unemployment, litter

One unemployed young Caymanian told Cayman 27 he’s come up with an idea that would put Caymanians back to work while keeping the coastline spic and span.

He suggests placing garbage and recycling bins around the island, and hiring ‘ambassadors’ to check the bins and tidy up.

23-year old Ian Powery said he’s sick of seeing plastic bottles, bottle caps, and other debris on the coastline near his Boatswain’s Bay home.

“It’s an eyesore, I’m not pleased with that I can’t be the only one,” he said.

He said some debris, like a syringe found on the ground, can pose a real health hazard.

“This is why we need something to be done, we need to create an organization to be able to keep the beach clean and make sure these kind of things don’t get here and cause a threat to human lives,” he said.

Mr. Powery told Cayman 27 he’s been unemployed for three months. He’s used that time to brainstorm an idea to combat unemployment while cleaning up the environment.

“It’s eye opening when you don’t have a job. Definitely you think of a lot of stuff,” he said. “If you look around you will see a bunch of seaweed, a bunch of garbage. Obviously we can’t control that, it floats in every time the bad weather comes in, but we can maintain it by hiring people and having people come daily to clean it up.”

He said his idea is similar to the National Community Enhancements (NiCE) Christmas cleanup, but all year round.

“To me I think more could be done,” he explained. “That’s 700 people for three weeks, we can start off by doing maybe seven people for the month, do it every month or every week or every two weeks.”

Mr. Powery has forwarded his idea to the Department of Environmental Health and other agencies with the hope it gets taken on board.

“It’s a couple jobs waiting to be created to keep our island clean, to keep our people happy,” he said.


DEH Assistant Director Mark Rowlands told Cayman 27 he appreciates citizens contributing ideas like these to tackle community problems.

He said placing bins across the island would involve design, maintenance and management issues that would impact the budget.

He said the DEH is working to develop a Zero Litter plan for Cayman that should be ready in three to five months.


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Joe Avary

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