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7-time visitor’s video of shark knife removal goes viral

The visitor who filmed a dive instructor pulling a knife from a shark’s head on Cayman Brac last week told Cayman 27 he was in the right place at the right time to get the shot.

His video from a dive last Monday (27 February) is going viral. Viewers like you have made it our website’s most popular video of the week, and it’s even been picked up by the international media.

Reef Divers’ Brett Johnson noticed the shark with the knife protruding from his head while guiding a dive on Snapper reef. He signaled to Mr. Goding, who had his camera to come and check it out.

This is the knife pulled from the nurse shark’s head. It left a wound about 3-4 inches long.

“It was kind of an odd looking nurse shark, because it looked like it had something protruding from its head. At first maybe I thought it was a cleaner fish up there, but as we got closer we saw that it was a knife sticking out of its head,” said Mr. Goding.

Mr. Goding said this is his seventh dive vacation to the Cayman Islands. He told Cayman 27 he’s had his share of shark encounters, but this one will always be memorable.

He credited Mr. Johnson for his efforts in removing the knife from the shark, which has reportedly been seen cruising Cayman Brac’s reefs in the days since the knife video was taken.

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Joe Avary

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