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Amendments could help solve beach vendor issues

The long-standing issue surrounding beach vendors may soon be resolved thanks to amendments made to the Trade and Business Licensing bill.
For years, those selling goods on the beach — and other public areas — have claimed they’re trying to make an honest living. Other business owners and Government leaders have bristled at a lack of proper licensing obtained by many of the vendors.
Bodden Town MLA Alva Suckoo Wednesday (22 March) proposed an amendment of the bill that would exempt self-employed Caymanian musicians and artists from needing a business license.
Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton submitted another amendment extending similar concessions to those who produce agricultural of cottage industry products.
“This is something I think would benefit what we term as ‘starving artists,'” Mr. Suckoo told the house. “There are many of them out there who are very talented but don’t really have the means to get to the next level. So I think this is just a little incentive, a boost.”
Law makers unanimously voted both amendments into the bill during committee stage.
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